versionfinder package

versionfinder.find_version(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Wrapper around VersionFinder and its find_package_version() method. Pass arguments and kwargs to VersionFinder constructor, return the value of its find_package_version method.

  • package_name (str) – name of the package to find information about
  • package_file (str) – absolute path to a Python source file in the package to find information about; if not specified, the file calling this class will be used
  • log (bool) – If not set to True, the “versionfinder” and “pip” loggers will be set to a level of logging.CRITICAL to suppress log output. If set to True, you will see a LOT of debug-level log output, for debugging the internals of versionfinder.

information about the installed version of the package

Return type: